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Friday, February 06, 2009

Vortex Exhaust

Vortex Exhaust:

"Just to let you know I am still alive and well. I have had some problems but all are sorted now. I am still in Portugal but will be leaving for Andalucia next week all being well.

As you can see from the accompanying photos life is pretty good and yes it has been a lot cheaper than being in the UK."

Vortex Exhaust

Vortex Exhaust: "Manufacturing

We manufacture performance and custom exhausts in the United Kingdom, so that we can guarantee quality control and quality assurance of all parts and assembly. We use high-grade materials in construction of our Vortex ExhaustTM Resonators and Vortex ExhaustTM Resonators-Filters and regularly batch test products to ensure they continue to meet our design specifications.

To prove final design benefits, ensuring that they meet our claims, our products undergo rigorous testing. These include:"

Vortex Exhaust

Vortex Exhaust:

"Vortex Performance Exhausts and the Environment
Our Patented Vortex ExhaustTM Resonators will significantly reduce your carbon footprint.

Our main aim is to produce more efficient performance exhaust systems. In our efforts we have reduced the environment impact of vehicles, machines and sea vessels that use internal combustion for power.

The Vortex ExhaustTM Resonator reduces pollution creating an environment within the exhaust system, which allows an engine to run more efficiently and thereby consume less fuel. All engines with a Vortex ExhaustTM Resonator produce lower emissions because of the vortex’s ability to reduce exhaust backpressure."

Vortex Exhaust

Vortex Exhaust:

"Performance Exhaust Results

If you are planning on performance gain from your performance exhaust system take a look at these comparison charts.

Power and Torque Improvements"

Vortex Exhaust

Vortex Exhaust:

"Benefits of a Performance Exhaust

The Vortex Exhaust has proved to be the superior performance exhaust system on the market, giving more power and torque, and an immediate benefit in fuel economy. With the Vortex Exhaust Resonator all engines run smoother and quieter and require less fuel than before to maintain constant output (maintain cruising speed). Benefits discussed below apply to all internal combustion engines irrespective of the fuel used: petrol, diesel, LPG or other. This also applies to piston driven and rotary engines.

Much More Power
All engines with the Vortex Exhaust Resonator fitted benefit from a considerable increase in power. In all cars tested this is more than 10% gain across the rev range. See dynamometer results."

Order a Vortex exhaust Now!

Order a Vortex exhaust Now!:

"Ordering and Fitting Performance and Custom Exhausts
Cars, 4x4s, High performance cars

Just give us a ring on: Tel: +44 (0) 1708 861078 Now!
Ordering Performance or Custom Exhausts"

Vortex Exhaust

Vortex Exhaust:

"Major Applications with Performance or Custom Exhausts

A Vortex ExhaustTM gives more power, more torque and improved fuel economy unparalleled by any other exhaust on all applications of the internal combustion engine. The Vortex ExhaustTM overcomes inefficiencies caused by backpressure in conventional exhaust design. We produce Vortex ExhaustTM Resonators for a wide range of applications, and these include:"

Performance exhausts, custom exhausts, vortex and stainless steel exhausts

Performance exhausts, custom exhausts, vortex and stainless steel exhausts:

"The Vortex ExhaustTM Resonator overcomes the inefficiencies found in all conventional stainless steel exhaust designs including free flowing high performance stainless steel or titanium exhausts. Using the Vortex Exhaust Resonator means all rally racing performance engines run smoother and quieter and require less fuel than before to maintain constant output (maintain race cruising speed)."