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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Cooling Heating| air conditioning| systems| heating| london

Cooling Heating air conditioning systems heating london:

"Cooling and Heating - Air Conditioning Systems
Cooling and Heating Sales are proud to offer a large range of Air Conditioning systems and heating products that are energy efficient with the lowest running costs available for:

Offices, hotels, retail or residential homes for London & the UK. "

Cooling & Heating Sales Ltd : Traditional Split Systems

Cooling & Heating Sales Ltd : Traditional Split Systems:

"The Choice of air conditioning equipment and companies nowadays is vast and choosing the right company for the job can be difficult to say the least. We cover Essex, London, south east and all of the UK.
CHS Work with many leading manufacturers in the Air Conditioning business to ensure that we select the right product for the job, too often these days Air Conditioning Companies tie themselves to only one or two brands, this can lead to the wrong product being offered or the final project cost being far higher than necessary."