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Friday, December 07, 2007

e-Alpha1 » Blog Archive » What is a Blog?

e-Alpha1 » Blog Archive » What is a Blog?:

"Take the word Web. Now take the word Log (like in a ship’s log). Scrunch them together and you have Blog! Simple. A blog is just a log on the web. Simple in concept but they can be very powerful in their usage.

Blogs can be written by the girl up the street, right after she does her homework–just a daily record of how she feels and what she’s up to. Staff at corporations, sharing news and policies, also write Blogs. They’ve even been written by the man in the street, but the effect has been so great they’ve made corporations lose money!

A blog is really just some software (either on your own computer or maintained by a web company, like e-Alpha1) that makes it very easy to post words–profound words or simple words or tongue-in-cheek words–most often, daily.

People do it for many reasons: ~ to share their feelings and emotions ~ to share their thoughts ~ to share other people’s feelings ~ to share other people’s thoughts ~ to raise hell ~ to help other people learn new things ~ to help other people change their thinking ~ to criticise ideas and views ~ to criticise people ~ to criticise companies ~ to praise ideas, people, or companies

We do it to get YOU great Search Engine Marketing results, by integrating and customising your blog into your website, then optimising your blog for Google, Yahoo and MSN search engines! blogs marketing search engines "

e-Alpha1 » Blog Archive » Why you should be blogging?

e-Alpha1 » Blog Archive » Why you should be blogging?:

"Blogging is one of the quickest and easiest ways to SKYROCKET to the top of the search engines – the search engine spiders LOVE all that fresh, regularly updated content, and it’s a great, informal way to keep in touch with your customers and subscribers. They can even leave comments and feedback for you! We created blogs that will be - Integrated, Customised, Optimised and Interactive - "