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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Vortex Exhaust » Specialist Tuning

Vortex Exhaust » Specialist Tuning:

"Until the development of vortex, engine tuners have been hard pressed to maximise engine power. This technology is a unique new development, previously unavailable.

Back pressure has been a problem since the development of the internal combustion engine, stifling engine tuning and robbing up to 25% of an engine’s efficiency.

There are many self-proclaimed experts in engine tuning.

Most of them only know part of the knowledge needed to get the best performance from an engine."

Vortex Exhaust » Rally School

Vortex Exhaust » Rally School

In a BMW120 diesel Fin McCaul finished first in the diesel and R3 class of the Pirelli International Rally

held 19 April, 2008, which is the first round of the British Rally Championship.

In terms of achievement this merits high enough to be called very exceptional.

The next rally will be the Jim Clark Rally.