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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

air conditioning services

air conditioning services:

"Helpful Advice: When it comes to helpful advice CHS are able to deliver the right information for any type of Project. Our Project consultants have over 30 Years Experience in the Air Conditioning Business between them, there will be few projects that they haven’t seen before.

CHS offer advice to both the Air Conditioning trade as well as end users.

If you need a friendly voice at the end of the phone who wont blind you with science just call us, its all free! Installation Service: CHS have a network of professional engineers located across the UK, all of our engineers are experts in the Air Conditioning and refrigeration business, we do not employ untrained fitters who have to keep ringing the office for answers to simple questions.

Our teams are able to work on their own initiative to ensure that the installation is completed with the minimum of fuss."

Essex| Air conditioning systems| units

Essex Air conditioning systems units:

"Contact Us

Unit No 1, Wolves Farm Wyatt’s Green, Doddinghurst Essex. CM15 0QE

Tel: 0800 731 6352
Fax: 01277 356120"

Cooling & Heating Sales Ltd : Remko Heaters

Cooling & Heating Sales Ltd : Remko Heaters:

"Hot air heating-systems: Mobile Warm Air Heating Systems Mobile & Stationary hot air heating systems by REMKO The hot air heating systems from REMKO are high performance and versatile applicable. They guarantee fast, effective warmth - everywhere where they are used."

Cooling & Heating Sales Ltd : Merlin through Wall AC Systems

Cooling & Heating Sales Ltd : Merlin through Wall AC Systems:

"Introduce the latest in Air Conditioning Technology The Merlin A complete system easy to install in minutes instead of hours. 3.5kW's Cooling & Heating"

Cooling & Heating Sales Ltd : Airhandlers

Cooling & Heating Sales Ltd : Airhandlers:

"Air Handlers & Heat Recovery Systems Many different sized systems available Duty range0.4m3/sec to 20.0m3/sec."

Cooling & Heating Sales Ltd : Airus

Cooling & Heating Sales Ltd : Airus:

"The Airius Destratification ceiling fans are the most efficient destratification products available and works alongside your existing HVAC system. Inexpensive to purchase, easy to install, simple to maintain & economical Airius have models to accommodate every type of workplace and leisure facility appropriate for ceiling heights up to 11 meters,adaptable to changing floor plans and each unit is designed to service up to 100 sq meters. "

Air conditioning| systems| units

Air conditioning systems units:

"The Choice of air conditioning equipment and companies nowadays is vast and choosing the right company for the job can be difficult to say the least. We cover Essex, London, south east and all of the UK.

CHS Work with many leading manufacturers in the Air Conditioning business to ensure that we select the right product for the job, too often these days Air Conditioning Companies tie themselves to only one or two brands, this can lead to the wrong product being offered or the final project cost being far higher than necessary.

The 4 types of units used for smaller Air Conditioning projects are as follows: Wall Mounted air conditioning Units Used in domestic, residential and commercial applications. Used for many types of application, Sizes available 2.00 kW’s –10.00 kW’s"

Cooling & Heating Sales Ltd : Hi velocity

Cooling & Heating Sales Ltd : Hi velocity:

"The Systems utilizes a modular Air Handler connected to a series of small flexible ducts, eliminating the need for either traditional radiators or under floor heating and systems. The most important benefit of this unobtrusive heating and cooling system is the discrete way the heated air is delivered giving even temperatures without draughts. Additional to heating and cooling, up to 100% fresh air ventilation can also be introduced into the air handler either directly or via a heat recovery system."

Air conditioning systems| cooling heating

Air conditioning systems cooling heating:

"CHS are Manufacturers Representatives for the following Product Range:

Hi Velocity: With the market moving away from traditional heating systems using radiators, to modern alternatives such as under floor and warm air heating. Canadian Company Hi-Velocity is leading the way by offering a system that can be connected to a variety of heat generating sources. Additionally, by integrating fresh air and a cooling circuit, full climate control is now possible including humidification, dehumidification, air filtration and UV air cleaning. Air is delivered via a series of mini ducts which can be discreetly positioned wherever suitable, resulting in one of the most comfortable environments possible. For a draught free and even temperature finish, Hi Velocity is the perfect tool.

Airius Fans:
Designed & built in the USA, Airius manufacture a range of De-Stratification fans to help reduce heating bills. These De-Stratification fans used primarily in buildings with high ceilings to help improve air circulation and help reduce heating costs. This cleverly designed equipment uses the principle that heat rises and when positioned at high level the fans draw this trapped warm air and re-distribute it down to floor level via a single column of air. Tests show that heating bills can be reduced by as much as 30%."

Cooling Heating| air conditioning| london| essex |heating| systems

Cooling Heating air conditioning london essex heating systems:

"Cooling and Heating - Air Conditioning Systems Cooling and Heating Sales are proud to offer a large range of Air Conditioning systems and heating products that are energy efficient with the lowest running costs available for: Offices, hotels, retail or residential for Essex, London & the UK. "