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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Vortex Exhaust

Vortex Exhaust:

"The 50th Anniversary of the BRC held in the grounds of Chatsworth House brought together rally professionals from the past and the present, described by Octane Magazine as “a panoply of post war rallying”, by Derbyshire Telegraph as “a rally fest” and by The Daily Telegraph as “a spectacular array of classic and modern rally cars” and “reminiscent of the early years of the Goodwood festival of speed”

We describe it simply as it was: “The History of British Rallying.” On view and rallying were cars from the sixties onwards. This was a spectacle that any admirer of rallying would have enjoyed.

The BRC made efforts to involve rally stars from the past as well as the current leaders in BRC classes. Even world rally leaders were present and participated in the short event. BRC contenders were also there in to contest four rallies over Chatsworth Park stages. The vortex sponsored diesel car fitted with the Vortex Raceflo resonator exhaust system was among them.

Pictured below collecting their award for 1st in the diesel category is Fin McCaul, driver, with Matthew House, Vortex Sales Manager."

Stainless steel performance exhausts

Stainless steel performance exhausts:

"Stainless Steel Performance Exhausts

Vortex ExhaustsTM: the only stainless steel performance exhaust that can unlock power lost to backpressure. it works for Rally cars, 4 x 4's, Cars, LCV, Marine Vessels, Trucks & Buses, ....

The Vortex ExhaustTM Resonator overcomes the inefficiencies found in all conventional stainless steel exhaust designs including free flowing high performance stainless steel or titanium exhausts. Using the Vortex Exhaust Resonator means all rally racing performance engines run smoother and quieter and require less fuel than before to maintain constant output (maintain race cruising speed).
At the Chatsworth meeting in June 2008, apart from the class win another 1st to come from the meeting was the acceptance of the Vortex resonator in place of a diesel particulate filter (DPF), more info on performance exhausts.

See & hear about the rally race victory, using our stainless steel Performance Exhaust system."

Racing rally cars exhausts

Racing rally cars exhausts:

"Racing and Rally Car Exhausts

The Vortex stainless steel exhaust has been fitted on rally cars & racing cars that have ben used in motor & auto sport."