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Saturday, August 19, 2006

Google Loves Blogs

Google Loves Blogs

Advertisers love blogs as well. This is because blogs are frequently updated and usually contain truthful and up-to-date information. Essentially, Google loves blogs, advertisers love blogs, bloggers love Google and advertisers.

Everyone is happy!

making Money Blogging

To Make Money Blogging
To make money blogging with a blogging company, you need to have an account with Google Adsense program. Of course, other than Google Adsense, you can still make money from their Auction.

However, if you have Google Adsense, you will make more money. Then, your ads will start to show all around your blogs.

In short, Google Adsense is a program that rewards site owners and bloggers when they serve Google Adsense ads on their sites. You make money when someone click on the ads.