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Monday, March 09, 2009

Vortex Performance Exhaust

Vortex Performance Exhaust:

"Vortex Exhaust Technology Limited:

Deals with all aspects of manufacturing (including research & development), sponsoring racing and rallying, marketing of the Vortex ExhaustTM Resonator and Vortex ExhaustTM Resonator-Filter technology (this includes articles, and advertisements in magazines and news papers, attendance at trade fairs and track meetings and blog entries on this website.

Vortex Performance Exhausts Limited: through its network of agents, deals with Vortex Exhaust Resonator fittings to:

- Cars (all types: high performance cars, 4x4s, standard road cars, kit cars, and rally and racing cars)"


At 3:41 am, Blogger magi said...

Hope this blog is useful for those who wish to understand and choosing their right performance exhaust system.

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