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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Delf Coldwear Solutions: comfort in the cold

Delf Coldwear Solutions: comfort in the cold:

Cold Store Ice Breaker

Hard wearing cold store clothing, generously fashioned to allow comfortable movement.

Outer fabric in strong DELF Polytex with anti-fray, water and dirt repellent finish. Standard colour is navy-blue with other colours to order including red, green and Hi-Viz yellow that can also be used just for sleeves.

Standard insulation is 250g DELF CloGard, super soft waddings with a mixture of hollow and solid specialist polyester fibres for good recovery after compression and washing, stitch quilted in a 10cm box design to an 85g polyester lining fabric. A heavier wadding is available.

Cold store| footwear| boots

Cold store footwear boots:

Cold Store Footwear

Setting new standards in safety footwear.

Welcome to our innovative safety coldstore footwear boots page. Suddenly, wearing safety footwear is to be enjoyed not endured. It's fun, functional and looks good too. This is probably why we see so many people in our cold store footwear boots at the weekend.

Cold store gloves

Cold store gloves:

Cold Store Gloves

Our range of specialist cold store gloves and mittens have been selected to offer maximum protection in challenging environments without compromising on comfort.

- G01 Glove : Hide leather glove with Thinsulate lining, to EN511.

- G02 Glove : Hide leather glove with re-enforced finger tips, to EN511.

Cold store| clothing| coldstore| safety footwear| workwear|leisurewear

Cold store clothing coldstore safety footwear workwearleisurewear:

Delf Cold Store Wear Solutions

Delf cold store workwear and leisurewear is bigger, brighter and better than ever, our exciting new line-up has grown considerably from each of the leading market brands. Our experience, knowledge and support are always available to ensure your business is equipped with the right coldstore clothing.

Racing rally cars exhausts

Racing rally cars exhausts:

Racing and Rally Car Exhausts

The Vortex stainless steel exhaust has been fitted on rally cars & racing cars that have ben used in motor & auto sport.

A foreword:
This technology unlocks power that has previously been unobtainable due to exhaust backpressure. Backpressure stifles engines and increases as a negative force with every engine modification you make until you are forced to deal with the exhaust to reduce it. The only way to reduce exhaust backpressure is to fit a Vortex ExhaustTM Sport Resonator. A Vortex ExhaustTM is far more effective than any straight through exhaust made from stainless steel or anything else, or indeed any sport Resonator in the market. Our Vortex ExhaustTM Sport Resonator can withstand temperatures above 800 degrees centigrade. Material chosen gives the Vortex ExhaustTM Sport Resonator the capacity to maintain exhaust sound within racing limits and deliver the optimum performance guaranteed.

Vortex Exhaust

Vortex Exhaust: "Vortex Exhausts and the Environment
Our Patented Vortex ExhaustTM Resonators will significantly reduce your carbon footprint.

Our main aim is to produce more efficient exhaust systems. In our efforts we have reduced the environment impact of vehicles, machines and sea vessels that use internal combustion for power.

The Vortex ExhaustTM Resonator reduces pollution creating an environment within the exhaust system, which allows an engine to run more efficiently and thereby consume less fuel. All engines with a Vortex ExhaustTM Resonator produce lower emissions because of the vortex’s ability to reduce exhaust backpressure.
We have incorporated filter systems into some products so they are able to reduce pollution further in some applications. Vortex ExhaustTM Resonators-filters."

Vortex Exhaust

Vortex Exhaust:


If you are planning on performance gain from your exhaust system take a look at these comparison charts.

Power and Torque Improvements
Ford Focus Petrol Performance 3000Mapped
VW Golf20011800Petrol150130225240Torque ExhaustsMapped
BMW20052000Diesel160250222310Torque ExhaustsMapped
Audi TT20071800Petrol180173240248Torque ExhaustsMapped
Vauxhall Nova20011200Petrol11995145110Regal AutosportMapped
Nissan Skyline19942500Petrol258213276224Torque ExhaustsSelf learn

Vortex Exhaust

Vortex Exhaust:


The Vortex Exhaust has proved to be the superior exhaust system on the market, giving more power and torque, and an immediate benefit in fuel economy. With the Vortex Exhaust Resonator all engines run smoother and quieter and require less fuel than before to maintain constant output (maintain cruising speed). Benefits discussed below apply to all internal combustion engines irrespective of the fuel used: petrol, diesel, LPG or other. This also applies to piston driven and rotary engines.

Much More Power
All engines with the Vortex Exhaust Resonator fitted benefit from a considerable increase in power. In all cars tested this is more than 10% gain across the rev range. See dynamometer results.

Much More Torque
With a Vortex Exhaust Resonator fitted all internal combustion engines will gain torque, which is very important in all applications. The torque increase can be 15%+ across the rev range and extend further with a flatter torque curve (link to dynamometer results). Thus the Vortex Exhaust provides a race winning advantage in rally cars and all racing applications.

Massively Improved Performances of Turbochargers
The Vortex Exhaust Resonator reduces gas pressure in the exhaust manifold, and this reduction in backpressure has a major effect on turbo performance. With the Vortex Exhaust Resonator fitted the turbo will be smoother in performance by activating earlier, as well as accelerating faster and reaching a higher velocity. The improvement in turbo performance applies to petrol and diesel turbocharged engines.

Vortex Exhaust

Vortex Exhaust:


Vortex Exhaust Extractor Resinators: an amazing exhaust technology
Our engineers originally developed products specially adapted to increase power and torque for racing. Today we have adapted this technology for many more applications, in fact everywhere an internal combustion engine is used. There is no exhaust system that can match it. Whereas a high performance stainless steel exhaust system would gain about 2bhp more than a conventional exhaust on an engine of 120bhp a Vortex Exhaust would gain between 12bhp and 20bhp. The Vortex Exhaust will give that gain even with a catalytic converter left in place. This very big difference, i.e. more than 10% gain rather than 1% or 2%, which sports exhausts give, is entirely due to the Vortex Exhaust reducing backpressure, which we explain below.

Vortex Exhaust

Vortex Exhaust: "Fitting Instructions
Fitting instructions are available for viewing in Acrobat Reader.

Additional points to observe when fitting the VORTEX unit

1. The VORTEX muffler must replace the vehicle’s existing main muffler.

2. Higher revs may be experienced after fitment of the VORTEX. In this event disconnect the battery for a short period and then reconnect it to power down the engine management software in your car. Alternatively drive your vehicle for 30–60 miles (50 to 100 miles) and normally the engine management software will re-adjust the tuning to accommodate the VORTEX exhaust system."

Vortex Exhaust

Vortex Exhaust:

Cars, 4x4s, High performance cars

Vortex Exhaust Resonators are available from stock at our fitting agents. If you contact us directly we will point you in the direction of the nearest agent to you.

Our agents are experts at fitting stainless steel exhausts or modifying exhaust systems to fit our Vortex Exhaust Resonators. The time taken to fit a Vortex Exhaust will depend on the type of car you have. Often the work will take less than 90 minutes, but some complicated double exhaust systems will take longer.

Motor homes

Most mufflers are available from stock at our fitting agents. In the event they do not have stock of the Vortex Exhaust Resonators you require in most cases we can make delivery within three working days. If you contact us directly we will point you in the direction of the nearest agent to you that has a fitting ramp and height clearance able to lift your vehicle.

Vortex Exhaust

Vortex Exhaust:

A Vortex ExhaustTM gives more power, more torque and improved fuel economy unparalleled by any other exhaust on all applications of the internal combustion engine. The Vortex ExhaustTM overcomes inefficiencies caused by backpressure in conventional exhaust design. We produce Vortex ExhaustTM Resonators for a wide range of applications, and these include:

Stainless steel performance exhausts

Stainless steel performance exhausts:

Vortex ExhaustsTM: the only stainless steel performance exhaust that can unlock power lost to backpressure. it works for Rally cars, 4 x 4's, Cars, LCV, Marine Vessels, Trucks & Buses, ....

The Vortex ExhaustTM Resonator overcomes the inefficiencies found in all conventional stainless steel exhaust designs including free flowing high performance stainless steel or titanium exhausts. Using the Vortex Exhaust Resonator means all rally racing performance engines run smoother and quieter and require less fuel than before to maintain constant output (maintain race cruising speed).