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Friday, February 06, 2009

Vortex Exhaust

Vortex Exhaust:

"Benefits of a Performance Exhaust

The Vortex Exhaust has proved to be the superior performance exhaust system on the market, giving more power and torque, and an immediate benefit in fuel economy. With the Vortex Exhaust Resonator all engines run smoother and quieter and require less fuel than before to maintain constant output (maintain cruising speed). Benefits discussed below apply to all internal combustion engines irrespective of the fuel used: petrol, diesel, LPG or other. This also applies to piston driven and rotary engines.

Much More Power
All engines with the Vortex Exhaust Resonator fitted benefit from a considerable increase in power. In all cars tested this is more than 10% gain across the rev range. See dynamometer results."


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